Black Dresser Redo

We had been needing a dresser for our master bedroom since our shared his-n-hers closet was being overtaken by “hers.”

Thanks to Craig and his List, we found this:

I admit. It was the legs that got me. Those throwback Shaker legs. It said past and present in the same breath.

My inspiration for this piece is the beautiful makeover at A Life of Blue. I have drooled over this picture a few dozen times.

We hauled the piece outside and got started. Here’s the good hubs spraying.

You see the paint roller and tray because it was faster (and used less paint) to roll the drawer fronts. It ended up being an unusually windy day and the spray paint was getting lost in the wind. We decided to change course and roll with a matching sheen paint.

(Do you SEE that packed-with-crap garage? Another project for another day.)

We used gloss white for this one. It took three coats of spray paint on the dresser frame and two coats of rolled paint on the drawers.

Once the dresser was painted white, we took it inside to dry completely for a few days before applying the stripes. Frog Tape was recommended to me by the helpful guy at Sherwin Williams and it is OUTstanding. I have used many kinds of painter’s tape but this one is the best. It does not allow any seepage at the edges, comes off clean with nice straight lines, and doesn’t pull up on the base coat. (And they aren’t paying me to say this, but I wouldn’t argue if they insisted.)

- insert more “in process” photos here -

Okay, remember where we started?

Now here’s the “After.”

Here’s how it completes the master bedroom:

Link up with your best striping projects!


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  1. Cristina August 8, 2012 at 1:28 am #

    Love this!!!