Jewelry Organizer

I have a great collection of cheap fake super fun jewelry. I’m all about “funky and chunky” since I need help turning a boring Oxford work shirt into something more interesting.

My jewelry was a mess. Since moving to this house 3 months ago I hadn’t yet tackled it, and it was taking me forever to just find the right earrings in the morning.

Inspiration struck when I ran across Real Simple’s “New Uses for Old Things” and found this:

I found this blue double-drawer storage box at WalMart

I put two ice cube trays in each drawer, and placed it on my closet shelf.

Then I filled the tray with earrings and rings

And voila! That’s the cheapest, fastest jewelry organizer I’ve seen. The letter box was $12 at WalMart and the ice cube trays were $1 each. Total cost was $14.

Send me your jewelry organization inspirations!


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