Thrifty Wall Art

I am inspired by Nester’s Sunburst Mirror.

I already have several large mirrors around the house and the idea of just a small center mirror that would give focal point to a larger piece of decor really appealed to me.

I needed something for the empty space above our master bed. (Excuse the low quality pic…it was our old camera.)

Yep. A big. blank. wall.

So I decided to give the Sunburst Mirror idea a shot. I couldn’t find a small round mirror anywhere, so I cobbed together my own with a picture frame, mirror, glue gun and brown spray paint. (Yes that’s my messy kitchen in the background!)

I followed Nester’s how-to and it turned out just as I’d hoped.

Notice the texture and curve off the wall. It adds a dimension of interest.

Total tab: $18 — that’s an $8 picture frame, $2 mirror, $4 spray paint and $4 in white poster board. Plus the glue gun I already had!

Show me some of your ideas for thrifty wall art!

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