Curvy Dresser Transformation

Here’s our latest Craigslist find…a curvy old-fashioned thing. She was $49 + an hour’s trek to the tiny speck of Carthage NC.

I wanted something feminine and graceful with a hint of farmhouse.

My inspiration was a French country look with a wood top and creamy bottom, something like this from Kate Madison. But not with a $1395 price tag!

But I wanted a little more charm and a lot more character. Here’s how it turned out. (Ignore the shadows from my windows. I needed good sunlight for the shots, but didn’t count on the window frames getting in the way.)

I chose a soft while called “Etiquette AF-50″ from Benjamin Moore in eggshell finish. I wanted it to have a slightly worn look although I didn’t distress it, and figured the eggshell finish would scuff naturally over time. I stained the top Jacobean from Minwax’s Wood Finish line. I pulled the glass knobs off another Craigslist desk for some added elegance and painted 6 of the original drawer pulls the same white as the rest of the dresser then finished with a poly coat. The contrast in the eggshell drawers and the poly’d handles is a subtle but nice detail.

I still swoon over the top. The wood has such character and grain. I wish I knew of its previous life.

(I SWEAR I took pictures of the interminable sanding of the top of this dresser but I can find not one “in progress” shot.)

And those curves… I just love ‘em.

So here’s a last look at the before and after!

Have any curvy dresser transformations?


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