Edible Ink on Rainbow Cakes?

I am not a foodie.

And this is not a food blog.

And I can barely throw together a decent lasagna.

But homemade food is about as DIY as it gets. So even though I had no idea there were edible ink pens for cake decorating (whaa?), and even though I’d never heard of a rainbow cake until this week, I’ve got nothing against eye candy. And I loved shooting these pictures at my 4-year old niece’s birthday party.

Funny thing is my mom wouldn’t call herself a cake designer, but I’d say it’s pretty fitting. Just look at this beauty! My sis-in-law took an original piece of my niece’s artwork and then mom recreated it onto the cake with edible ink markers.

The moment of reveal…

Now that’s just plain pretty.

If you want the recipe, here’s the link to Sweetapolita’s Rainbow Doodle Birthday Cake that Mom followed.




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