Make Your Own Poured Painting

As part of our master bedroom makeover I needed a piece of art to go over the bed. The picture doesn’t give you the immensity of this 6-foot wide king bed, but there was a pretty big blank wall above it. I wanted something that would pull together the two main colors of this room — greenish gray with brownish plum. I looked for several weeks and found no fabric or art or anything that could work. So I had to get creative.

I bought four 18″x24″ paint canvases at A.C. Moore on sale for $5 each. Then I took the paint I’d used on the walls of this room (Sherwin-Williams’ Comfort Gray—a fabulous color I must credit my clients the Sacks for turning me on to) and a sample container I’d bought months ago (Sherwin-Williams’ Socialite) and put them together for some poured art.

I arranged the canvases on a drop cloth on my screened porch. (Note: a screened porch is ideal for any of your painting/gluing projects because it allows the airflow without the rain or bugs or pollen or whatever else flies around your yard.)

I poured with the Comfort Gray color first and then let it dry about 2 hours before adding the next color.

I didn’t take any in-process pictures because it’s kind of impossible to be pouring paint in somewhat straight lines and also taking pictures of yourself doing it. I put the paint in a small paper cup so I could control it better, and then just poured on the lines as I liked.

The end result is this abstract piece which reminds me of Aspen trees.

I hung the canvases with two in the middle a little higher than the others because I wanted a headboard-style arrangement. It actually does make you “sink” a little lower in the bed to have them hung this way.

Here’s a shot of the room with the paintings and the DIY painted drapes that integrate the same “Socialite” plum color into the room.

I added a plummy chair we had upstairs previously with a green parrot pillow to connect those two colors a little more intentionally.

Next I’m going to add a pop of plum somewhere in this bedding. I am obSESSed with folding down my sheets and layering the bedding. 

So that’s my $20 + leftover paint project. It is ridiculously easy and you could also do it with different designs like this one I did for my living room.

I’m happy with how this one turned out and I hope you’ll try it and send me a picture! It is SO SO easy and you don’t have to have any artistic skills to do it. And did I mention the $20 total tab?

Okay, now I need to get back to this guy, waiting for me to finish my picture taking…and trying to pull himself up with my drapes.

I know. Tiny ball of gooey, squishy LOVE…this little one.

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One Response to “Make Your Own Poured Painting”

  1. Dynamic Touch Painting Orlando November 15, 2012 at 4:02 pm #

    I love it. It has great texture and incorporates the paint colors of your room. Great job!