Red Front Door

It’s unfathomable how little time I get to visit you dear readers and post my little creations. The good news is I’m still creating and decorating and having a blast at it! The less good news is that most of it hasn’t shown up on the blog.

So rather than go completely dark, how about a pictorial of what’s new at The Soulful House even if I can’t write all the details of how it came to be? :-)

Remember that front door I painted red 3 years ago? Cardinal Red by Sherwin Williams (this I do remember!). I’m still loving it and the holiday season is the time of the year that red comes to full advantage.

So here’s a Target birch bark wreath with a me-made bow from A.C. Moore ribbon. It’s a half-way DIY and really simple. (Okay, maybe only 10% DIY…)  I’m starting things earlier this year…earlier than the night before Christmas as it went last year.






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