Garage Door Curb Appeal

The most frequently neglected opportunity for curb appeal is the garage door.

These giant white boxes of negative space are the simplest and cheapest upgrade you can make to a home’s exterior. It’s SO simple in fact that I will show you pictures of my 6 year old doing the project with me…and loving it by the way. (Now he calls it “our” garage door.)

So this was my contribution to the bland white boxes of suburbia…

Garage Door Before 2

If you imagine this is a page from a kids coloring book it’s easy to see that someone forgot to color in the big obvious box. It lacks integration with the rest of the home…but at least in my case the garage door is on the side of the house so it wasn’t staring at me every time I drove up to the house.

There’s only one question to answer for the project. What color? Typically the easiest answer is to match your shutter color. (This unless your house was built in the time of the black or mauve shutter trend. Call me and we’ll help you find another color!) Earlier this year I’d painted the shutters a green-gray (Thunderous by Sherwin-Williams) and had plenty left for the garage door.

The Little and I got started…

Garage Door Painting 2

Garage Door Painting 3

I kid you not this was a fun project. There’s nothing difficult about it. We wiped down the door before we started to make sure the surface was clean, used a roller brush for nearly everything and then filled in the squares with a brush. Here is it after one coat.

Garage Door Painting 4

And here it is finished.

Garage Door After 2

Massive difference! Now it’s connected to the color palette of the house. The only thing left to do was integrate it with the style of the house using hardware detail. This part is only $20 at Home Depot and ever since my neighbor Brenda put this hardware on her garage I knew I wanted the same. Here’s the link at Home Depot if you’re interested:

Garage Door After 5

The impact to curb appeal is dramatic!

Garage Door After 1

And sure I could replace light fixtures or put a trellis of jasmine over the garage door or anything else but even without these, it is THE quickest, cheapest upgrade to curb appeal.

Garage Door After 3

So here again is the original door.

Garage Door Before 1

And here’s the upgraded one.

Garage Door After 4

I have stalked every high end neighborhood within 30 miles of my house for years and I can promise you that 99% of the builders are using the garage as a focal point and a design detail.

Just do it! It’s a can of paint plus $20 in hardware.


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