Outdoor Dining Room DIY Table

It took me five years to land on the plan for our big screened porch. In fairness, my Mr. suggested several times that an outdoor dining room would work well in that space, but I didn’t bite.

Until now.

Until I saw this picture of a DIY version of a $2K Anthropologie table.

DIY table

The lines, the scale, the beautiful wood grain, the rustic-more-than-farmhouse vibe. I really liked it, so I found the plans (here’s the link) and emailed them to my husband on a Sunday night.

Tuesday afternoon, this was in our garage.


(BTW — If you have one of those perfect eat-off-the-floor garages please don’t email me about it. You’ll feel badly when I write back and tell you all the fun you’re missing by not doing anything messy in there. :-) )

He modified the original plans slightly to make this 8′ long and 3′wide. We sanded the HECK out of the entire wood surface and it paid off when it came time to stain. I used Dark Walnut from Minwax and rubbed it on with a rag instead of brushing it on…better control that way and less mess too. It took one coat of the Dark Walnut and then I did three coats of the clear polyurethane on top because I wanted it nice and protected for a long long time. It cost us $160 because we opted for a little nicer wood than the $60 version that the original DIY cats chose. Well worth it.

DIY Rustic Dining Table


We chose metal tub chairs instead of a bench because I wanted the feeling of an outdoor dining room rather than a picnic table. It comfortable seats 8 people with three tub chairs on each side and two on the ends, but I wanted to show off the table base so I didn’t place all the chairs for these photos. The chairs (from World Market) cost a bit more than the table did, but this is a forever set so I thought it was worth it. The rug was $100 and it’s a cheapie but looks good and has held up well so far. That room is protected from rain but of course gets humidity and moisture.




This old metal bar cart from my in-laws is awaiting a makeover. Another project, another day, another post!







I love the view of it from inside the house as I walk past these doors…



Table plans courtesy of: Shanty2Chic and Ana White




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