Never Buy Paint Pail Liners Again

I paint a lot.

Or maybe more than that.

Over the years I have tried many products marketed as helpful to some part of the painting process. But today I invented my own as I was working, and I hope it will help someone else save a few bucks and also some clean-up hassle on the next project.

I have one of these paint pails and it is a fine thing:

Lowes Paint Pail Liner

The most clever part is the strong magnet on the top inside of the bucket, to which the metal part of a brush sticks. (That way you’re not balancing your brush on the edges.)

I’ve had this good thing for years but I’ve also been purchasing the custom-fitted pail liners for years.

Lowes Paint Pail Liner 2

Until today when I ran out of liners and didn’t feel like a trip to Lowe’s. (Clearly Lowe’s isn’t paying me for my comments. :-0)

I substituted the liner with a gallon zip lock bag. I folded the zippy part of the bag down around the top of the pail. The magnet held the brush through the plastic just like always.

DIY paint pail liner 3

DIY paint pail liner 5

DIY paint pail liner 2

And MY version of a liner has something the off-the-shelf ones don’t — a sealable top to keep air out when you’re in between coats and don’t want the paint to start drying on the brush or in the pail.

DIY paint pail liner 1

DIY paint pail liner 4

Do you see how close that seal comes to the handle of the brush? It does a great job keeping most of the air out.

DIY paint pail liner 6

Truth in advertising…I didn’t run a deep Consumer Reports test on this to see how long the sealed bag would keep the brush and paint from drying, but for an average paint job that needs 30 or so minutes of rest between coats and you’re only doing a few coats, this worked great. If you do get a chance to use it for a bigger job with more or longer intervals of drying time please let me know how it goes.

As you can imagine, clean-up is a snap. Remove your brush, pour the excess paint back in the original can, and seal this plastic bag to dispose.

Happy painting…

P.S.  If you happen to know an environmentally-sound way to dispose of paint residue in a plastic bag, do tell.

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