Living Room Facelift, Restoration Hardware Knock-Off, and DIY Painting

For four years I enjoyed my DIY version of Jackson Pollock on the living room wall. The colors were right but the scale was off, the style wasn’t me and the whole room itself needed balancing and color calibrating. I had subjected this room to the standard of “cheapest possible” and learned that sometimes it doesn’t pay.

You can see the living room in this post from 2012. My intent was okay but the execution was just, not.


So in the past year I grounded the room with a rug, some pillows from Etsy, added circular sconces and made some new DIY paintings using a sponge dabbing effect you can read about here on the West Elm blog.

diy-art-1The room finally came together around a gorgeous Restoration Hardware knock-off coffee table.

I really don’t say enough thank yous to the man in this house that makes my furniture dreams come true. He did the spec/build and I did the staining and pickling treatment plus 6 coats of clear polyurethane.

Here are some in-progress shots from our real-life garage/studio/playroom/drop-zone/disaster…

restoration-hardware-diy-1 restoration-hardware-diy-2 restoration-hardware-diy-3 restoration-hardware-diy-4

And the unbelievable look-alike in the finished living room…

rh-table-living-room-1rh-table-living-room-7 rh-table-living-room-2 rh-table-living-room-3 rh-table-living-room-4 rh-table-living-room-5



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