Christmas on the Inside

More than anything this blog is my own journaling of home projects and changes over the years. I visit here to remember the color paint I used in a room, or the way I decorated for Christmas some particular year. So in that spirit of not wanting to forget the pretty Christmas we made inside our Soulful House of 2016, here are some photos.

christmas-decor-0 christmas-decor-1 christmas-decor-2 christmas-decor-3 christmas-decor-4 christmas-decor-5 christmas-decor-6 christmas-decor-7 christmas-decor-8 christmas-decor-9 christmas-decor-10 christmas-decor-11 christmas-decor-12 christmas-decor-13 christmas-decor-14 christmas-decor-15 christmas-decor-16 christmas-decor-17 christmas-decor-18 christmas-decor-19 christmas-decor-20 christmas-decor-21 christmas-decor-22

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