Master Bedroom Simplicity

I’ve never liked fussy interiors. They’re too busy for my tastes and too loud to be relaxing. Simplicity is key for me!

But I do like well-styled rooms with thoughtful high-impact touches. Today I showcase a basic builder boxy master bedroom, but with some added detail to make it pop:

- Molding work (inexpensive and just took paint, a saw and a nail gun to install) to define one of its big blank walls. Molding is painted the same color as the wall (SW Comfort Gray) to emphasize the texture of the wall without the “noise” of a contrasting color

- Interior doors painted a soft contrasting gray to highlight the entrance to the next room in a gentler way than a stark white door

- Windows that were replaced with a French door to maximize natural lighting and extend the perception of more space in the room

- Texture in the bedding but no loud patterns or high-contrast colors

- Dark walnut dresser (best Craigslist makeover ever) to warm up the gray walls (Check out the makeover post here.)

- Plain white queen sized sheets that I made into curtains (Read about how I did that here.)

- A textural chair with low profile and simple lines

I call this room “Simplicity”…

master-bedroom-1 master-bedroom-2 master-bedroom-3 master-bedroom-4 master-bedroom-5 master-bedroom-6 master-bedroom-7 master-bedroom-8 master-bedroom-9 master-bedroom-10 master-bedroom-11 master-bedroom-12

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