I believe homes can be soulful—warmed by the families that inhabit them and the artifacts curated over years of memories and experiences together. It’s not about the things, but about the meaningful things that recall for us moments of joy or freedom or love or togetherness.

Also, I love a deal. I love creating the value in a thrifty find. And in my creating…oh yes, much happiness.

I see potential everywhere. In old forgotten things. In boring rooms, neglected items and worn pieces. I am inspired when I find these unlikely treasures, and I am happiest when transforming them to a life of new purpose.

May this blog inspire your creativity and reveal the potential of ordinary things.


My Stats

Wife … of a generous and kind man
Mom … of two sweet little boys (well mostly)
Writer … of prose, philosophy, lists, inane streams of consciousness
Marketing strategist … by day
Musician … by night (88 keys, thank you)
Dreamer … always

P.S. I get a ridiculous amount of spam, so I’ve turned off the commenting feature on my blog posts. Feel free to drop me a line at laura @ the soulful house dot com.