Right-sizing An Entryway

I have a small entryway. Not tiny-Manhattan-apartment-small, but small enough that it can only accommodate a shallow table for dropping keys and setting a lamp. Shallow like 8 inches. I looked for the better part of a year for something to fit. You might remember the aqua dresser that lived in the entryway for awhile, and the […]

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Never Buy Paint Pail Liners Again

I paint a lot. Or maybe more than that. Over the years I have tried many products marketed as helpful to some part of the painting process. But today I invented my own as I was working, and I hope it will help someone else save a few bucks and also some clean-up hassle on the next […]

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Making Curb Appeal with Color

It was five years ago this month that we moved into our house in the #1 Best Place to Live in America. Today is my reminiscing… Two years later I painted the front door red for some warmth and a focal point. And then 2 years after that I painted the shutters a deeper tone […]

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Outdoor Dining Room DIY Table

It took me five years to land on the plan for our big screened porch. In fairness, my Mr. suggested several times that an outdoor dining room would work well in that space, but I didn’t bite. Until now. Until I saw this picture of a DIY version of a $2K Anthropologie table. The lines, the scale, […]

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