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How To Make Designer Window Panels with a Cake Stand

Soooo, my master bedroom is undergoing a makeover that resulted in a need for new window panels.

Having no inclination or budget for $100+ apiece designer panels, I went shopping in my house for something that could work.

I found a ceramic pie plate, a glass 10-inch pedestal cake stand, a sample-size of Sherwin-Williams “Socialite” plum paint, and two white queen flat sheets.

Yes, that IS a pacifier. It’s a multi-purpose life people.

After filling the pie plate with paint and turning the cake stand upside down in it, the work began.

It took multiple sessions and a fan blowing on each section of the fabric for hours at a time until everything was complete. (My 3-year-old is still trying to figure out why he was cast off to the picnic table outside for days on end.)

After many many MANY circle-stamps with the cake stand, the finished product is now my favorite DIY of all time.

First, here’s the only “Before” photo of the room I could find, taken when we’d first moved in.

And NOW, here it is.

If you look closely, you can see variations in the line width and paint coverage. That’s what I love about these. They’re obviously not machine-made, and the dribbles, dots and imperfections lend a truly artistic quality.

I’m in love.

No, lust.

No, complete infatuation!



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Creating Curb Appeal with Color

This was my friend Brenda’s house the day she told me she was thinking of getting it painted.

Cute, right? A classic Cape Cod with those great lines and charming cottage feel.

BUT the trim and house were all painted the same color (a creamy ivory) which gave no contrast or dimension to it.

We talked over colors and finally landed on a light olive green for the siding and a deeper olive for the shutters. (Both are Sherwin-Williams colors. The siding is Svelte Sage and the shutters and front door are Eclipse.) The trim would stay cream for a softer contrast than bright white.

And LOOK how these colors warmed up this house!



They also replaced the white ceiling fans with deep brown ones, and pruned the shrubs to clear the view of the wood porch floor. (They’ll grow back!)



Amazing how the wood tones pop now!



Now those rocking chairs actually stand out against the green background of the house. So inviting!



Wow, that porch swing was practically invisible before but now it perfectly sets off the corner of the porch.

Okay, last one — the view from the street.



What an amazing difference!

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