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Love It or List It – Hilary Farr (And other celebrity crushes)

A few months ago I met Hilary Farr — HGTV design icon!

Wow. I need to say that again for the sheer joy of it. I MET HILARY FARR.

Love It Or List It Hilary Farr

It was a seminal moment for me. She gave a one hour talk at the Southern Ideal Home Show in Raleigh, NC where Love It or List It has been filming this year. I sat there soaking in every word and learning from this brilliant design mind. She brought her little dog which you can see sitting next to her as she gave the talk.

My parents were in town and joined me for the session too (thanks mom and dad!) along with my friend Becki. It was such a cool experience listening to Hilary give out her years-tested advice on making home spaces great. Take a look at her portfolio and you’ll see what I mean.

Hilary Farr 2

After the session my friend Alex and I hopped into the “meet and greet” line for a brief meeting including a photo and signed autograph.

Hilary Farr

Love it or List it Hilary 2

And here’s Alex…she’s going places that girl!

Hilary and Alex

I’m sure Hilary does this shot with a gazillion people but it was really special for us. It gave me a tangible sense of my own design dreams coming true.

So for the benefit of the ever-listening Universe (and Twitter) I will put out there my short list of other awesome people I would like to meet this year.

Genevieve Gorder – If you haven’t watched Genevieve’s Renovation get on it! Or at least look at these photos of the transformation she made to her place in NYC. She’s in a class of her own with the way she commands black into an enviable room color.

Genevieve Gorder Living Room

Emily Henderson — Did you watch Secrets of a Stylist when it was running? I love that she’s not afraid to teach others her craft. Her new book Styled is absolutely positively brilliant if you want to learn all the details of putting rooms together well.


Sarah Richardson — Sarah is an articulate teacher! Her TV shows and web videos are full of great advice for designing rooms. I particularly like this video on how to select fabric as a jumping off point for a space.

Sarah Richardson Loft

Tobi Fairley — I read every word this savvy designer and businesswoman publishes. She is a master of color, and uses it to create bold, tailored, glamorous and thoroughly chic interiors. I see this woman’s rooms in my dreams! Check out her stunning portfolio.

Tobi Fairley Room

So appreciative that these women are sharing their massive talent and art!

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